Fire Doors Testing Service

Fire doors and door sets are an incredibly important yet often overlooked aspect of a building’s safety, whether this relates to offices, public buildings or our own homes.

That’s why Stairways use fully third party certificated product systems to ensure maximum safety and compatability with all Fire door components. Testing the Fire door components is just as important as the Fire door itself; this is because  they work together to keep the Fire door securely within the frame. Therefore if they aren’t fitted with compatible fire-rated components and additional intumescent protection, they can become the most vulnerable parts to the fire.

Aside from this, a thorough and robust maintenance regime that relates back to the original Fire door certification is absolutely fundamental to making sure all installed Fire door products perform the way they should.

The following video by Firedoor Safety Week demonstrates how Fire doors work, the importance of correct installation and maintenance, as well as how to check your own Fire door for safety.

Stairways work alongside BWF Certifire to ensure all of our products are certificated by an independent third party and regularly tested to a minimum Fire resistance of FD30. We also run laboratory fire tests at Exova and can manage this as a service for you.

The Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) online education programme helps you to you gain a greater understanding of firedoor-related issues and components; this runs alongside GIA (Guild of Architectural Ironmongers) certification. Stairways are proud to announce that members of staff have this diploma and are currently the only manufacturers to do so in the UK.

FD30S and FD60S Fire Doors

FD30S and FD60S Firedoors have proven under test conditions to provide either 30 minutes or 60 minutes of complete fire and smoke protection; this is primarily due to the differences in thicknesses. FD30S and FD60S Firedoors are suitable for a variety of applications where fire safety is of high importance.

FD90S and FD120S Fire Doors

FD90S and FD120S doors provide 90 minutes or 120 minutes of fire door resistance. Defined by their core thickness, seals and frames, FD90S and FD120S doors provide smoke control where required and are suitable seals for providing significant sound insulation.