How to check whether security door sets meet Secured by Design requirements

Secured By Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of ‘designing out crime’. The initiative has been established in order to make it easier for clients to recognise the security levels of individual products, offering peace of mind that those products have been tested to a national security standard recognised by Building Control. The ‘Secured by Design’ logo is applied to building product manufacturers that have specifically designed and tested their products to achieve this standard.
In order for a security door set manufacturer to meet the appropriate requirements and gain ‘SBD’ approval, all relevant products must be tested by an independent third party certification to one of the following standards.

  • PAS 24: 2012 or 2016 – This is the preferred specification for enhanced security performance requirements for door sets and windows in the UK.
  • LPS 1175 Issue7.3:2015 – This is an LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) standard, similar to STS202 (see below).
  • LPS 2081 Issue 1.1: 2016 – This is a new standard from LPCB that employs a similar methodology used in LPS 1175. However, the attacks use stealth (low noise levels), making it more appropriate for residential projects.
  • STS201 Issue 8:2016 – This is a Warrington Certification standard, replicating the requirements of PAS 24:2012.
  • STS202 Issue 7:2016 – This is a Warrington Certification standard, which includes physical attack on the glazing, and is considered a more demanding test than PAS 24. It is similar to LPS 1175.

Please note that all of the above standards refer to door sets rather than a single door or door leaves. PAS 24 defines a door set as: ‘a complete unit, primarily intended for pedestrian access, consisting of the door frame, door leaf or leaves, any integral side panel or fanlight and essential hardware excluding coupled assemblies.’

With security at the forefront, the Secordor range at Stairways is certified to PAS 24:2012 and therefore has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of Secure by Design endorsed apartment and entrance door sets. You can view our entire product range here.

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